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You may be wondering about the meaning of this term "two.not2" and what that could be about. For me this term is somewhat reminiscent of a Zen koan. A Zen koan is a riddle that has no logical resolution and is worked at by the Zen disciple and grappled with for a long time. All of a sudden one day, often when he or she has all but given up on it, the truth of its solution comes to him/her in a flash and the aspirant in the Zen tradition attains what we call "enlightened"; "satori" is their term for it.

Not2 is an expression often used to denote what is beyond the rational and what cannot be expressed, sometimes referred to as the "transcendent". But since we have given it a name then it is all of a sudden in the realm of the expressible. Since we must use our rational mind to communicate, using such a medium as the internet or the written word in general, we cannot avoid this paradoxical conundrum in trying to express the inexpressible. Poetry makes an effort to do this and when it succeeds it has the mark of finess and artistic elegance and refinement.

For me, two.not2 is a play on this paradox of expression/non-expression, and I will probably just decide to engage in this activity of play. I guess I see the interaction between "two" and "not2" as an infinite circle that has no resolution on this plane of existence and it asks us to struggle to enter into that dimension where resolution and peace prevails. But in the spirit of what is trying to be expressed, the "struggle" involved is essentially not different from the play that the two elements are engaged in.

Well, thatís one perspective, and one that I express today; tomorrow I may feel differently. I suspect that those group of friends in America in the 19th century known as the Transcendentalists had a deep connection with the life that lives in this interplay between the two modes of awareness, the expressible and inexpressible, the rational and the intuitive. Certainly Emerson, Thoreau, Bronson Alcott, Margaret Fuller and the rest certainly were close to that life that I am trying to express here. And they tried their best to come to terms with and express in their way what they felt to be true for them.

It is certainly true that they approached this matter from very different angles and in many ways disagreed with each other in terms of what they saw or were aware of, or how they saw or were aware of these things. But beneath it all they knew that what they were experiencing was a truth that transcended them and asked them to honor it and be ennobled by it. This they did and the result of their activities still has to power to put us in touch with that inexpressible something with which they "struggled".

It may have been some time that you have been in touch with the gifts these people left behind for us, or perhaps you have not yet been exposed to it. I invite you to do so now and acquaint yourself with what they have to offer. A good place to start is to visit this Emerson website, and immerse yourself in one of his writings. In doing so, you may find yourself transported to a place where "two" and "not2", or the expressible and the inexpressible, speak to each other, and on a level not often experienced. You may actually find that you become part of the interaction. I hope you give it a try and remain open to what may be.

Dirk Kelder
November 16, 2005.

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