The Garden of Hesperides

A Personal Statement


The Garden of Hesperides is my offering to you. In my way of thinking, in your visiting this garden website, a dialogue has already been set up between us. It is my hope that the garden spirit is sufficiently present in this website to encourage or elicit a response from you that also has a similar spirit within it. This response could be something like an an offering of forgiveness to someone in your life who has been difficult for you up to this point. Or it may be to deal with another in a more interactive rather than forceful way. Even though this does not involve me directly or personally, if it benefits anyone, it ultimately also benefits me, and dialogue has occurred on some level. Or it could be something you want to contribute to this garden that has been meaningful to you personally, such as a story or poem for example. Whatever your response, if it done consciously and intentionally, a dialogue is set up between us which speaks to me of ecology on a metaphysical or spiritual level. Ecology to me has to do with "give and take," which, if combined with fairness and awareness, in turn forms the invisible basis of all well-being and vitality, whether personal, social, political, economic, or otherwise. The West is just starting to learn of the significance of energy and its role as providing the foundations of the material or physical realm. We have partly known about this from physics on a theoretical level, but we are now starting to discover it experientially.

To my understanding, an ideal garden is one where harmony and beauty prevails. In the world of botany, to my limited knowledge this speaks to me of a Japanese garden where the gardener has contributed to Nature in a way that brings it further in its evolutionary journey. In return the person receives a complementary benefit from that and that helps to evolve him/herself to a higher level. This principle of dialogue has not commonly been recognized in this way as being significant in the growth or evolution of humanity.

Dialogue to me is the positive aspect of "karma," which I consider to be an impersonal law, and one which describes lower levels of dialogue. Dialogue itself has even higher levels which are spoken of in realms of spirituality and mysticism. In the tradition with which I am most familiar – Christianity – it is well expressed in the "Song of Solomon" which speaks of the author's love of God in a poetic, figurative way. It is also inherent in the celebration of communion, in which God is offering him/herself in the bread I eat. In consuming him/her, a profound dialogue occurs where I am asked to return that offering with an offering of my own being for God to consume. This takes the form of doing what I am asked to do, more than just satisfying my personal wishes. This interaction leads to an experience of love that transcends anything we can possibly imagine on our own. The fact that most of us don't know what we are asked to do shows how far we have strayed from our purpose for being here. Nevertheless, most of us intuitively sense the value of dialogue and its role in helping to clarify our intentions and perceptions. May this Garden of Hesperides be a reminder to us of the beauty, richness, and many benefits of dialogue, and that it will encourage and evoke more dialogue in our lives.

The internet is a tool that could potentially contribute significantly to this understanding of dialogue and make it possible for many more people to engage in dialogue in a meaningful way. I feel this is an area where much potential can emerge from experience and experiment. Dialogue in itself is an experiment on a personal level as to learning what is appropriate in our interaction with others, as well as learning from our mistakes and forgiving others their mistakes. Engaged in this spirit, my question to you is: How we can bring the activity of dialogue to a new level where it can offer the kinds of benefits that we desperately seek that will effectively address the present way our human family interconnects and treats each other? Put in this way, this question applies not only to the internet, but to all of life. But it seems to me the newness of the internet could provide an opportunity to evolve new ways of interacting with each other. This is why I feel grateful for the opportunity to offer this garden as a gift to those such as yourself who come to visit here.

What do you think? Would you like to offer anything? Perhaps you can suggest to me how this Garden of Hesperides can further actual dialogue and make a contribution to that end. If you want to contribute in any way to this website, such as suggesting something to add to the garden, you can do so from the goodbye page. Whatever you do, you have contributed already by coming here to visit. In any case I myself am thankful for the opportunity to have offered something and also for the dialogue that has already started and will work itself out in ways that are generally unknown to us. Thank you for stopping by.

This website is maintained by Dirk Kelder.
For any comments or suggestions, send him an email.

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