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It is the intention of the Garden of Hesperides that your visit has been of benefit to you, and that you will take away with you some of what the garden has to offer that you found worth while. Hopefully this has been at least a small measure of peace, vision, hope, harmony, beauty, encouragement, or some other strengthening or supportive quality or energy. If so, according to the laws of compensation or karma, this will be passed on in some way and will eventually come back to this garden. Emerson spoke about this very clearly in his essay "Compensation" from his first series of essays. It is a law of nature he claims, which plays a part in all of life. In this sense I am thankful for your visit here, and if you have appreciated something about the Garden of Hesperides, we have both benefited.

If you would like to make this compensation conscious, consider supporting of the Garden of Hesperides in some way. Your support will help to keep the Garden of Hesperides fresh and alive. It will ensure that this garden will prevail and be a source of help and delight for travelers on the Internet landscape who pass this way. You can help by donating a story, an insight, a quote, music, an image, etc., whatever has graced your life and you have found helpful and healthful in your life, and which you feel would be in harmony with the spirit and intention of the Garden of Hesperides. In this way this garden can be a vehicle of support for those who wish to share their gifts with others. Mutual support in itself has always been a source of healing. Please send me an email that includes your contribution. If your contribution was created by someone other than yourself, please make sure I have permission to use it and also tell me their name so I can give proper credit. Although I cannot guarantee it will be used, I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

If you want to give back financially, consider giving money to support the hungry children of the world, who need your financial assistance much more than I do. When I see a picture like this, I feel sad, and I consider how far we, the human race, still have to go on our evolutionary path, to reach a point of being willing and able to love and care for those who are less able and fortunate than so many others. Here are three organizations that I consider will use your contibution wisely to bring relief to many:

If you feel inclined to donate money to support the Garden of Hesperides directly, use the button below. Your support is appreciated and will certainly help with the upkeep and growth of the garden.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come back often and soon. In times past in the West, when people used to part company, their parting words were often "God be with you." "Goodbye" is what remains of that. Until your next visit to this garden I wish you a warm goodbye in the original sense of the word.

  – Dirk Kelder

This page is maintained by: Dirk H. Kelder under the name of Sui Generis, which is a garden unto itself.
For any comments or suggestions, send him an email


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