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An Incident at the Pearly Gates

This young fella dies and ends up at the pearly gates of heaven. This fella is sort of a Forest Gump type character and not the brightest light bulb, if you know what I mean...

Saint Peter looks at his file, looks at the guy, and thinks to himself, "hummm-- this guy seems a bit of a dunce and has certainly shown no redeeming values". I'd better ask him a few qualifying questions before he gets in here.

So ---- St. Peter says to the young man ------- "Look, your records don't really tell me whether or not you deserve to be in heaven ----- so I have to ask you a few questions! OK?"

"Duh!--- yeah, St. Pete---whatever it takes!"

"OK---my first question is-------How many days in the week start with a 'T'?"

The fellow thinks for a painfully long period of time and then answers ------------------- "ahhh---is tha answer 'two'?"

St. Peter says, "Yep---you got that one right. Which two days start with a 'T'?"

The fellow stalls ------- some minutes later he says ------ "ehh! Today and tomorrow?"

St. Peter says --- "Well not exactly--- but I'll give you that one". Thinking to himself--- "I have a real hum-dinger here but I can't throw him out now 'cause he sure is trying."

St. Peter still not convinced ---- comes up with a tougher question. "OK son, How many seconds are there in a year?"

The young man stumbles,----- hems & haws---- starts writing math formulas in the air--- and comes back and says to St. Peter---"12 seconds."

St. Peter a bit shocked ---asks---"Where did you get that answer?"

The fella says ---- "Well you know --- January 2nd --- February 2nd --- March 2nd --- April 2nd ---"

St. Peter thinks to himself---yikes--this guy is too much ---- I've got to come up with a question he can not possibly answer and hopefully get rid of him. A question that only God and I know the answer to and no one else in all of time has ever heard the answer.

St. Peter says----"OK son---What is God's real name?"

Without a stammer or missing a breath the boy immediately answers ---------- "Harold --- Harold is God's name!"

St. Peter screams------ "HAROLD?? ------ HAROLD?? --- WHERE IN THE HECK DID YOU COME UP WITH THAT NAME??????"

The young fella answers "WELL YOU KNOW ---------- Our Father who art in heaven, HAROLD be THY NAME!"

St. Peter said ----- "Go in son" --- and resigned his job the next day.

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