The Garden of Hesperides


The Internet is a world unto itself. But imagine living in a world with no garden! In our normal world where we live, gardens provide us with food and beauty. Before there were farms, gardens were in fact the original source of all the food we ate. If you think of a farm as a large garden, you can see that without gardens we would not last long. But the garden is also a source of beauty, and without beauty, although we would last a little longer, we would also suffer. Although few of us think about it, a garden is an essential component of life.

This is also true for the internet, where some of us spend much of our time. The internet is a landscape with much variety, and includes places that are cared for and offer visitors healing and delight. These are the gardens of the Internet. I hope you agree with me that these gardens are an important constituent of the Internet, without which it can be quite barren.

This was part of the motivation behind the Garden of Hesperides and I hope that your visit here is enjoyable, refreshing, and healing, and that you leave in a better state than when you came. The other motivation for me was to create an opportunity to offer and share a number of things that I have found to be meaningful and have nurtured me in my journey. If during your visit you feel called to get involved and/or contribute to the garden in some way, please read the goodbye message on your way out.

Most gardens do not allow you to pick the flowers or remove anything. This garden encourages you to pick the flowers and remove whatever you would like to take with you. It is here to share its treasures and to offer something that might help. However, keep in mind that most things are copyright and are available for non-profit use only. To honor the copyright when used in this way, it is necessary only to provide an acknowledgment of its author/source.

Enjoy your visit! And if during your visit anything comes up for you that you'd like to share, I'd be very happy to hear from you. Send me an e-mail or leave your comments in the guestbook below.

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