The Garden of Hesperides

Creating a creation to create


Cease Thy Weary Wandering
by Joanna Carey

Be still my heart –
The road to nowhere has dissolved into meadows.
A song appears in its stead singing Alleluia!
Praise the life that walks without a road
without a cause, save for becoming
like oceans, lilies
and the ever-present heart.
O heart, oh glimmer of now and stillness
and reverie upon reverie –
Betide! – prolong the grasses, the garden, the whispering surf
rocking itself into sand,
into salt of stillness and sound,
water and glass – a reflection
formless yet forming from light to unwavering light.

Into darkness find me,
your solitary own.
Our road is the same.
We are one as sand and sea
the unfound, unknowing morphic cycle of now
and the weight of desire and longing
moving toward eternity
like death or the pearl glow of babes.

Oh hear, be still – in thy pool I lie and remember our dreams...
my daughter's dreams as she was born,
my mother's dreams as she lay dying.
And all strikes deep like light when piercing the dawn
while day turns to night and all cycles
circle around us,
for us, within us.

Dark is my soul, but only if forgotten
like a thing standing silent in the corner –
a decoration,
which once I turn my gaze to thee,
I awaken to life like the shimmer of fishes
like stars gathered and calling in an eveining sky.

Oh midnight cantata,
oh canson de mi corazon,
mi amor, mi esperanza...
oh fortunate, most perfect fortunate beyond measure –

Go there friend,
there is really no other road –
for it leads to all others,
all life, all meaning and purpose.
Neglect not this treasure –
this jewel of your heritage.
Remember your most precious existence
like memory itself or
the sweet sobriety of fulfillment
like some calling, calling –
a cry, most earnest,
yet serene as night
as your spirit, you – most fortunate creation.

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