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As I understand it, poetry represents an effort to bridge the gap between style and content. It tries to say in its saying it, what it is saying. This sounds more than a little ambiguous or elusive, but perhaps that's why poetry is sometimes difficult to understand. Using imagery and symbolism, it puts before us something to hold in our imagination to see what happens there. For some people nothing. For others it actually comes to life and this life, being as much nurtured by the reader as by the poet, is a new creation which, like all things new, is full of vitality and surprises. Having its own life semi-independent of its beholder, it often provides not only entertainment but also insight. Now I am not a poet and this interpretation may be totally "off the wall" compared with a poet's view of his craft. What is poetry to you?

The Bridge Builder
    The theme of bridges has been and is an important one for me. Maybe this is not the best work of art on that topic, but it does speak of something worth while, and I hope it speaks louder to you than it does to me. It was written by Will Allen Dromgoole, a poet who lived in Tennessee from 1860 - 1934. She was widely known as a poet, novelist and Literary Editor of the no longer published newspaper, Nashville Banner. The writing of the poem was inspired by walks she used to take with her father in their home state of Tennessee. She never married and never had any children.

A Modern Crucifixion
    According to the author, she didn't write this, it just came out of her. The name she wanted to use is Mary Jean, her original name; she is known to most people as Jean MacKay.

Cease Thy Weary Wandering
    "I didn't write this," says Joanna Carey, and no doubt something beautiful was the source of this poem. But the source of all things beautiful, as well as all things good and true, need someone who is willing to be a vehicle for that source. (July 25, 2010)

The Call
    The poetry is not profound but its message certainly is.

Silent Symphony
    This piece isn't finished but I put it here to remind me to listen within the silence.

The Work of Silence, by Maurice Maeterlinck
    Speaking of silence, this poem expresses eloquently the mystery and the power of silence.

Dreams by Langston Hughes

The Hesperides Poetry website is dedicated to Louis Contant, whose openness to and keen discernment of life creates new life in the life of others. This website is maintained by Dirk Kelder. For any comments or suggestions, send him an email.

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