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Silent Symphony
by Dirk Kelder

There is a silent symphony all around us;
It is playing every moment.
We bathe in its harmony and beauty,
Its drama and its comedy.
It heals us and sustains us.

It asks us to play along with it,
To play in tune and in time with its ongoing music,
And the instrument we play is ourselves.

To do this we must learn about ourselves,
To discover what is our nature,
And come to be able to master who we are.
Only then can we contribute to the celestial symphony.

Most of us do not hear the silent music,
And what we contribute creates a cacophony of sound.

In the past the symphony has been able to sustain itself,
And soar above our dissenting sounds.
But with our technology and machines
We are starting to drown it out.

All of life is in danger of losing its ability to hear the symphony.
If that happens, the only thing left will be our noise,
And everything will begin to tune itself to that noise and play along.

The symphony will turn into a concert of noise,
And the earth will lose its harmony and beauty.

It is not that machines and technology are bad in themselves.
Rather, we have lost touch with ourselves.
We are not able to hear the lofty sounds,
Nor able to play along even if we did.

But we can make an effort to make a change.
We can choose to silence ourselves,
And come to hear the music within the silence.

We can also begin to discover and to create ourselves
According to our true nature or vocation.
We can learn to play along with the silent symphony
If we so choose.

We can make our lives a work of art
By participating in the music of life.

When we make a mistake,
There is no need for reasons or explanations.
We need just acknowledge our mistake
And pick up where the music is now.

Creating excuses and justifications
Only creates more cacophony.
Sometimes swallowing our pride can be a good thing.
The conductor of the silent symphony
May seem ruthless and uncaring.
He does not seem to care why we are not playing along.

He just keeps on conducting,
Paying no attention to all the noise we make.
Of course we can take offense at this,
But it can also be seen another way.

Perhaps he waits patiently until
We come to acquire an interest in contributing,
And when we have learned how to do that,
Then we will be ready to join in.

Some who hear the silent music think it simple and plain,
And some consider it to be childish and naive.

But those who have learned to play along have learned
That their contribution helps to keep the world in tune.
They have come to be an integral part of the life
That is full of beauty, meaning and love.

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