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The Gypsy King
by Dirk Kelder

There was once a king who was strong, thoughtful, and honest – truly a wise and noble ruler. As an example, he incorporated the words once spoken by Martin Luther King, Jr.: "We must combine the toughness of the serpent with the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart."

But in spite of all his fine qualities, only a few wanted him as their king. He reminded others of how they themselves could be, which exposed all the more the values they held and how they were actually living out their lives. It was highly unpleasant for them to become aware of their own dishonest, crude, sly or even pleasant and seemingly kind behavior, all put toward some self-centered goal. In his presence, they could no longer keep up their ways in front of others, let alone themselves. It was not anything he said. It was rather how he himself spoke and acted, in a way which in and of itself sent out a strong message of nobility, grace, compassion and truth.

And so this king was rejected by all the countries of the world, for the people wanted a king who was not nearly so good. Such a king made it possible for greedy and dishonest people to rise to places of power and authority. The good king traveled from country to country and became known as the Gypsy King. Wherever he went, many tried to argue with him in order to justify themselves, while others mocked him and treated him with contempt, but he responded only with kindness.

Eventually the Gypsy King grew tired of traveling and being rejected and scorned, and retired into the desert country where he found a cave and lived a simple, quiet life. Now there were quite a number of people in the places where he had been who secretly admired him. And when they learned that he had withdrawn into the desert many of these people left their homes to live with him.

He welcomed them with open arms and together that small community of people lived quietly, simply and peacefully in the desert. Over time that part of the desert became green and fertile and the community came to have plenty. And under the rulership of the Gypsy King everyone was happy. It was a community filled with nobility, grace, compassion and truth.

It was not long before word of this community spread to the neighboring lands. Stories were heard about people helping each other out, how cooperation within the community was making many things possible, about music and poetry, about interesting and exciting events, and of the peace and happiness of its citizens. Many were filled with admiration, and hope that someday this might also happen in their country. But others when they heard these stories became jealous and spiteful. One day a number of them conspired together to eliminate the Gypsy King, and a few days later with swords and spears they invaded the peaceful community.

When they found the Gypsy King he could immediately sense why they had come. He tried to speak to them to hear their concerns, but due to their nature they felt so threatened by the wisdom and magnanimity of his presence they could not hear what he was saying to them. Every word he spoke only exacerbated their fear and anger and they rushed towards him. Rather than offering resistance he forgave them for what they were about to do and wished them peace. This angered them even more and with their swords and spears they killed him.

The community disbanded and the people spread far and wide. But they had learned much from the Gypsy King and wherever they settled they spread to others what they had learned. They spoke and acted in ways that conveyed nobility, grace, compassion and truth. Those they lived and worked with followed, and soon learned a new way to live their lives. In time the spirit and work of the Gypsy King spread far and wide.

The Gypsy King had finally become king after all – not just in one country, but over all the earth. His followers had not been alone in their work. The Gypsy King, no longer confined to his body, was able to go wherever and whenever he wanted. And to this day, true to his name, he travels over the whole earth guiding and inspiring all those who aspire to live out his message, encouraging and supporting them to live their lives with nobility, grace, compassion and truth.

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Copyright © 1998, Dirk Kelder

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