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Psychosynthesis Articles

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By Roberto Assagioli
Transpersonal Inspiration
Smiling Wisdom
Notes on Education (1968)
The Balancing and Synthesis of the Opposites
The Horizons of Psychosynthesis
Some Collected Works of Dr. Roberto Assagioli, M.D. (off-site)
The following Assagioli articles and interviews are in PDF format and digitized by volunteers, an effort organized by Will Parfitt. More articles in PDF format by Assagioli and others can be downloaded from the Synthesis Center as well as the Psychosynthesis Resources websites.
Training: A statement
Talks on the Self
From the Couple to the Community
Psychosomatic medicine and BioSynthesis
The Self: A Unifying Center
Psychosynthesis: Individual and Social
What is Synthesis?
What is Creative Meditation?
Life as a Game and Stage Performance (Role Playing)
The Golden Mean of Roberto Assagioli, interview with Sam Keen
Psychosynthesis: Height Psychology, interview with Beverly Besmer
The Resolution of Conflicts
Symbols of Transpersonal Experiences
Notes on Education
The Psychology of Woman and her Psychosynthesis
The following Assagioli articles are available from Kenneth Sørensen's Danish Psychosynthesis center website. To download, right-click on the link and choose "Save".
Discrimination in Service (in PDF format).
Spiritual Joy (in WORD format).
From the journal Psicosintesi: Psychosynthesis Institute Magazine
Therapeutic Psychosynthesis. Does it exist? - October 1994
Does Therapeutic Psychosynthesis Exist? - April, 1995
Note: These articles are reproduced here with permission of the publisher, the Istituto Di Psicosintesi. The magazine is published in both English and Italian, and since April, 2004 has been available online. To offer a donation to support its publication write to: Istituto Di Psicosintesi, via S. Domenico n.16 - I, 50133 Firenze, Italy
By Martha Crampton, Ph.D.
Psychoenergetics: Toward an integration of subtle energy work with the psychosynthesis perspective
Empowerment of the Will through Life Coaching, by Martha Crampton, Ph.D.
 A psychosynthesis oriented view of coaching.
By Douglas Russell, M.S.W., from Psychosynthesis Digest.
Psychosynthesis in Western Psychology
Seven Basic Constructs of Psychosynthesis
Developing Spiritual Intuition Through Psychosynthesis -- large file (3.41MB) in PDF format.
By Michael H. Brown, Ed.S.
Psychosynthesis: Facilitating Hope and Transformation in Counseling.
 with Case Study: a Psychosynthesis Approach to the Treatment of Depression
A Psychosynthesis Approach to Organizational Transformation.
A Psychosynthesis Approach to the Use of Mental Imagery with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.
Subpersonalities and Psychosynthesis:
 Continuing the Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse with Techniques of Mental Imagery.
Psychosynthesis 12-Step Program for Transforming Consciousness:
 Creative Explorations of Inner Space.
Psychosynthesis Typology
Psychology of Relationships by Roger Moore.
 This is an evolving topic for Roger, so changes will certainly occur in this article. He welcomes your feedback and suggestions
Psychosynthesis Typology and Experience of the Self, by John W. Cullen.
The Seven Psychosynthesis Types Applied to Management Style, by John W. Cullen.
More Psychosynthesis Articles
Maslow's hierarchy of needs and subpersonality work, by Kenneth Sørensen
An exploration of the perception of practitioners of the strengths and limitations of psychosynthesis psychotherapy in application, by Zen Kyle.
 Dissertation submitted for the award of MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy
Growth Resources in Psychosynthesis, by Howard J. Clinebell, Jr.
 An excellent overview of psychosynthesis.
Mental Illness as an Opportunity for Transformation, by Blair Gelbond.
 "Applied Principles of Psychosynthesis with Schizophrenic Clients and Their Families." From the book, Readings in Psychosynthesis Theory, Process, & Practice. Edited by John Weiser and Thomas Yeomans.
Manifestations of the Will, by Marilyn Barker.
 This article was written by Marilyn in November, 1997. Although she called it "my beginner's perspective of the will" at the time, I feel it provides a wonderful overview, and also gives a number of personal and thoughtful insights.
Dark and Bright Shadow by J Adrian Longstaffe.
 A psychosynthesis approach to the Jungian concept of "shadow".
The Theft of Meaning: Using the Concept of Meaning to Understand Work Abuse, by Adrian Longstaffe.
Meaning is a significant theme within psychosynthesis, and Adrian Longstaffe offers some preliminary thoughts and questions on the theme of meaning in the context of work. It was written some time ago when he was first formulating his ideas, but they are still effective in helping to provoke our own thoughts and questions on this important issue.
A Basic Psychosynthesis Model of Counselling and Psychotherapy by David Earl Platts, Ph.D.
Enhancing a New Consciousness About Money, by Francesco Viglienghi, Ph.D.
 Workshop presented at the 1996 Psychosynthesis conference in San Diego, California
Roberto Assagioli, Psychosynthesis, and the Esoteric Roots of Transpersonal Psychology, by Al Mankoff (PDF file)
Off-site Psychosynthesis Articles
Psychosynthesis and the Inner Life by Philippe L. De Coster, D.D.
The Process of Healing and Growth in Psychosynthesis and Christian "Healing of Memories" by Anett B. Wannamaker, PhD
Willpower and Psychosynthesis, by Frederick Mann
More psychosynthesis related articles can be found on the A.A.P. website.

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