[Mandala by Clare Goodwin]

Enhancing a New Consciousness About Money
by Francesco Viglienghi, Ph.D.

Workshop presented at the 1996 Psychosynthesis conference in San Diego, California

Roberto Assagioli shows us through his work that Will is linked to choice. Furthermore, unconditioned choices lead us to the future. Thus we can come to understand in what way our will is aligned with evolution, by discovering new patterns and attitudes in the choices we make.

This is true as far as money is concerned as well. The mass media show us that in most cases the patterns which people follow in their use of money tend to be old patterns rather than new ones. Those who lack money prefer asking it of those who have it, they prefer to beg; this seems to be easier for them than imagining themselves able to produce income. Those who learn to make money, but not to make heaps of money, usually spend their lives envying those making more money and yearning for more lavish patterns of consumption. Those who learn to make heaps of money conceive themselves as masters of the human jungle and apply themselves, year after year, to a unique project: how to transfer more and more money from anybody else's pockets to their own. On a planetary scale the working of these three patterns causes poverty, tempts people to focus on their needs, generates frustrations therefore aggressiveness and sets up the dominance of egocentric subpersonalities. I just want to highlight that this situation on the level of mankind looks like the one that is generated in the human being who has not yet realized a right relationship with the forces of his own Eros, particularly with his own impulses. There are two possibilities: either he is not able to get in touch with them, to identify himself with them, to express them, or he is overwhelmed by them so that the values of the impulses become the values of his consciousness. In both events the Will must intervene: through it, the human being can dis-identify himself from the psychic structures of the past in order to identify himself in new, more evolved patterns, bringing about well-being to himself and to other people.

We can assume that people reach self-realization in the field of money in at least five steps:

  1. freeing themselves from restricting complexes, such as guilt and self-appreciation complexes, from self-punishment impulses, from persecution manias in connection with society and destiny, from self-identification with failure and self-pity
  2. finding out their own resources and talents
  3. learning to value them, in the light of their own dignity and their own individual value as big psycho-spiritual human beings; developing trust in themselves, believing in themselves. This is the point of true liberation, because it involves the ability to "sell oneself," i.e. to increase the money one gets as a return for one's own activity.
  4. Developing the ability to meet the needs of people through their own resources, in an increasingly creative way; this means earning as much as one decides.
  5. Dis-identifying from the successes achieved, turning toward the inner Self and getting in touch with the part of the Plan destined to them, i.e. guessing their own mission in life: tailoring then to that mission the energy invested in making money. Thus, in this way, someone may happen to see less money circulating in his hands; for someone else on the other hand the circulation of money will increase a great deal, since he will become responsible for projects related to the planetary transformation that involve massive financial resources. No doubt that for both the quantity of money kept and used for personal purposes or however connected with the pursuit of their single affairs will decrease. Those who actually accept the mission of their own Self think of themselves as members of one or more groups: therefore the pursuit of their individual affairs suits that of the group: this same phenomenon is bound to invest their financial level as well. As many wise people, first of all Gandhi, have suggested or borne witness to, using money as identified with transpersonal Will means thinking of oneself as a trustee rather than an owner of goods. This is easy to understand if we identify in our Self, in our Soul. Can you imagine a Soul saying: "this is my body, these are my emotions, this is my wealth; they are only mine, nobody else can even touch them, I am bound to them?" It does not make any sense. A Soul thinks in a rather different way:
    "I honor them, I love them, since they are the middles through which I carry out the part of the Plan pertaining to me. I watch them because they are useful to me; this is the sole reason why I have them in my care."
    It is very simple isn't it? It must become very easy as well. But I remind You that this is only the last of the above five steps: people therefore cannot get to this point if they have not gone through the previous ones. Transpersonal Will only grows after personal Will.

Well, I am afraid I have not said anything basically new, fortunately! For a long time indeed many thinkers, many men of Good Will, Religions themselves, the International Organizations above all the United Nations have been sowing the human psyche with patterns reflecting their approaches to the issue of money. Now it is time that Psychosynthesis too may become a walk of life for more and more people through the Will Project. If we accept this assumption, we cannot help advocating that Psychosynthesis may undertake a specific educational effort about the use of money, so that at the end of the XXlst Century this energy can serve the Spirit better than it does at present.

After this speech, the workshop aimed at anchoring in the group the goal of the purification of money, an energy that is at present greatly impure after centuries of misuse. Participants were asked:

  1. to pull out a bill and, looking at it, to let emerge from the depth of the psyche their shadow, their dark inner parts concerning money; they were asked to identify as well how they tended to consider other people, when identified with the role of wealth owners. Then everyone was invited to play freely what she/he had previously felt, acting as if she/he was fully identified with her/his dark side.
  2. to put their bill then in a basket in the middle of the space, without any further specification, as a witness of a fully conscious trust in the group, which is the main requirement for a right use of money
  3. to sit quietly in meditation, visualizing the impact of the beam of the Universal Will on the streams of money-energy everywhere on the Planet; the effects of such an impact concerned the fluidification of the streams, at present mainly stagnant and poisonous, so that the energy of sharing and of abundance could spread everywhere. To descend then to the concrete level of the mind and to produce ideas and projects to develop new attitudes and habits about a better use of money
  4. to use the financial resources of the group located in the basket in order to realize their own project, after an agreement with other participants about the priorities.

This led to a lively sharing which marked the end of the workshop. Transpersonal and Universal Will indeed do need a fully developed strong, good and skillful personal Will, in order to appear and have effects on the Planet.

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