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Poland Psychosynthesis Center

Starting in 1991, IAMOP presented a number of Psychosynthesis workshops at the Centrum for the Development for Creative Leadership in Poland. Participants in the workshops were primarily managers sent by their companies. However, educators, psychologists and members of general population were not able to attend these workshops due to financial considerations.

There is a need to establish a Psychosynthesis Center in Poland that will make psychosynthesis training available to this population. Ewa Bialek who has trained under John Cullen, Vivian King and Cliff Ishigaki has undertaken the task of establishing such a center in Warsaw and Krakow. In order to do this she will need support from the Psychosynthesis Community including presenters, materials to be translated into Polish, and financial support.

Initial support was provided by Bob Anderson (American Holistic Medicine), Edith Stauffer (Psychosynthesis International) and John Cullen (IAMOP) who each contributed $600 to sponsor Ewa's attendance at the July International Psychosynthesis Conference. At the conference Ewa shared her dream of starting such a center. A message from Ewa follows below.

The Psychosynthesis Community is invited to participate in this effort.

John Cullen,

Ewa Bialek
03-550 Warsaw
Golawicka Im.2

Dear Friends,

I would like to express my appreciation to all of you for the contact with you and the support that many of you provided to me.

I shared my dream with you in the main meeting [at the conference] and I ask for any support that you can give to enable me to establish a psychosynthesis center in Poland.

This support could include the following:
(1) Coming to Poland as a presenter at your expense, In the future, I hope to be able to pay for airfare but at this time, it is impossible.
(2) Send material such as books, audio and video cassettes, etc.
(3) Any financial support.

It is my wish that the further introduction of psychosynthesis in Poland will serve as a model for other countries in Eastern Europe.

With Love and Gratitude,
Ewa Bialek, Ph.D.



I have made arrangements on a level of Ministry of Education to do seminars for municipal clercs in education and teachers. I have been asked for preparing longitudinal program, for many persons and many years / there are 700 000 teachers. Everything is connected with changing in Polish education in general. IT IS GREAT OPPORTUNITY for me and my Association, and ALSO PSYCHOSYNTHESIS. I think I HAVE ?GREEN LIGHT? our blocks and possibilities. Who we are? What we may be? Could you help me promote it in the PSYCHOSYNTHESIS WORLD? ? who are ready to cooperate with this kind of program?. The Ministry will pay for it ? and Association ?EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE? / ME AS A PRESIDENT/ ? WILL COORDINATE IT ? I WILL BE CONSULTANT FOR IT. I am thinking also about starting to teach trainers ? also in this fields of education. How it sounds to you? I need to prepare compact program for it. I need to have contact with Centre or Psychosynthesis Institute in any countries ready to cooperate with, to be involved of it ? as a verified centre for future trainers / I would like to introduce international certification of psychosynthesis. It is special request ? and need in Poland ? nobody know psychosynthesis - also in Association of Psychology- and nobody could certificate validity of it. You know ?Psychosynthesis World? and you could help me with this step. How to cope with it just now. Thank you in advance for any news. I am looking forward for your letter.

My new E-mail box is as follows: ewa.bialek@it.com.pl

With my best regards,
The address for Association is the same.

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