[Mandala by Clare Goodwin]

Psychosynthesis Links

Psychosynthesis Centers and Practitioners
Web site and email links can be found in the Centers & Practitioners page.
Psychosynthesis and Psychosynthesis-related Organizations
Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (AAP)
European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (EFPP)
Psychosythesis & Education Trust
Psychosynthese Vereniging Nederland/België
PsychoPolitical Peace Institute
WYSE World Youth Service & Enterprise
Other Psychosynthesis Links
Psychosynthesis Resources articles, videos, newsletters and more
Psychosynthesis Online
Will Project website to encourage and facilitate the continuation of research, education, and experience of the Will.
Molly Young Brown psychosynthesis author offers training, consulting, and counseling.
Guy Pettitt's Psychosynthesis-based Forgiveness Process experimental program about a step by step process of forgiveness of others and self.
Will Parfitt's Page Info on psychosynthesis, including articles and courses, book reviews and extracts.
Janette Rainwater includes a brief definition of psychosynthesis and two chapters of her psychosynthesis-gestalt self-help book, You're in Charge: A Guide to Becoming Your Own Therapist.
Inner Way Marilyn Barry's web page where you can order books by Vivian King as well as her book The Awakening Princess.
Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page.
Arvan Harvat's view of Psychosynthesis.

Last revised: July 22, 2012.